Who Are You? May Not be the Only Question You Ask…

If you’ve ever thought “I don’t even recognize myself” when you’ve looked in the mirror, then you might just get this show. I say might, because even now, I’m not sure I do.

In an absurd and abstract dark comedy, Director and Playwright Jared Greathouse brings us Who Are You? a show that is more about the who than the what or how. Greathouse takes us into a somewhat Twilight Zone/Groundhog Day/Psycho world where being completely lost is pretty much expected.

Without giving away too much of the idea behind the production, let’s just say it begins when a woman wakes up one morning and doesn’t recognize the man in her bed. While he claims to be her husband, he may not be all that he appears to be.

I applaud new works being produced and support efforts to push outside of the envelope, take risks and challenge the status-quo in our theater community. Who are You? doesn’t shy away from exploring different story telling conventions and while I may not have fully grasped the message (if there was one), the show did unsettle me and I like being unsettled. It has me asking a lot of questions without many answers.

Tiffany Greathouse felt most comfortable in her role and did an excellent job with the non-verbal gestures that I always appreciate in an actor. Nate Keyvani was also strong in his ability to portray some really crazy scenarios, including my favorite of the night with Joel Pepino and Elise C. Hanson – the Spanish rant which was well scripted, staged and performed. Again, the absurdity of flying bananas, joints, hammers, masks and a mistaken identity or two right up through curtain call was captivating.Andrew Maizner, Christopher Stephenson

I’d be interested to hear other theater lover’s thoughts and perceptions. I wonder how unique of an experience each person will have. I wonder if you will be asking more question at the end than you did at the beginning. Most importantly, I wonder what those questions may be because I have a feeling this show will take people in all sorts of different directions.

Who are You? promises to not wrap things up in a tidy bow, leave you with more questions than answers and flat out stump you if you are seeking logic and understanding. It is an interesting piece of avant-garde theater. In addition to asking yourself “Now, who are you?” as the character dynamics shift and fade, you may also find yourself asking, “Now, what was that?”

Who are You? is playing with The Hive Theatre Company at Sugarspace (616 East Wilmington Ave in Sugarhouse) through October 13th at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $12.

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