Who Am I?

Three years ago this month I launched A Theater Lover.   To loosely quote Rent I “longed for a community of my own!”

I’ve found that community!  I’ve found you!  The last several shows I’ve attended, I was able to experience, talk to, and enjoy the productions with people I’ve met through A Theater Lover.   Daily, I get to talk about theater on Facebook and you talk back! We have conversations and we forge new friendships.

But it hasn’t stopped.   Now that I have found my community, I want to make sure others have the same opportunity.  I invite all of you to attend shows with me, to continue to talk here, on Facebook and Twitter about what you are seeing or what you are in.  And please, tell me about shows you are in or recommend….I am always looking for a good recommendation.

I have also created the Utah Theater Lovers Meetup Group where we attend shows together and not just in the theaters we all know and love but those off-the-beaten-path but oh-so-wonderful community houses that produce some of the best works I’ve ever seen.   We see everything from Broadway touring shows and regional premiers to new works by local playwrights and long loved classics.  This summer, we are taking a road trip to Utah Shakespeare Festival.  Anyone up for trip to New York in the Spring of 2014?  Sign up to join in on our monthly adventures!

While I only have the capacity to officially host a Utah Theater Lovers outing once a month, unofficially and On My Own, I actually attend 8-10 shows a month and I invite you to go with me.  I got tired of going alone and if you don’t want to – you don’t have to. On this website, there is a calendar in the bottom right corner with the dates of shows showing in bold.  Simply mouse over those days and if you see a show you’d like to attend, just send me a quick message and wala – instant theater buddy.

So, Who Am I?  My name is Megan and I am A Theater Lover and I invite you to explore the amazing theater we have in this crazy little town of ours.  I look forward to meeting you!


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