THE ODD COUPLE Delivers Laughs

PARK CITY — Felix, who “wears his seat belt in the drive-in movie,” is so uptight that even his hair is clenched and is a self proclaimed “neurotic nut.” Oscar gambles, burns cigar holes in the furniture, drinks like a fish and lies every chance he gets.  When these two friends find themselves wifeless (because of Read more about THE ODD COUPLE Delivers Laughs[…]

Growing Up Can Be Hard To Do!

Riddled with mean girls, rumors, first kisses (with tongue) and popularity contests – 13 does a great job getting inside the head of a 13 year old while gently reminding us adults what it was like to be “standing on the edge” of growing up.  13 is a light hearted yet insightful look at these Read more about Growing Up Can Be Hard To Do![…]

Run Wild with Centerpoint’s SEE HOW THEY RUN!

When Clive Winton (Brandon Garside) remarks “I’ve played in too many plays where the characters do this sort of thing and something always goes wrong.” He couldn’t possibly have known the disaster that was about to ensue. Of all the types of comedies you might find on stage, the farce is my favorite. Having reviewed Read more about Run Wild with Centerpoint’s SEE HOW THEY RUN![…]