Oh What a Night!!!!

There are nights when a live production courses through your soul with such energy that it’s impossible to come down from the high it has sent you on.

Nearly 2 hours after seeing Jersey Boys tonight I am still flying high!  I don’t review shows anymore, because as you know – I am too much of a lover to ever be a real critic but there are some shows that simply deserve a shout out!

First of all, hats off to Nick Cosgrove, Nicolas Dromard, Jason Kappus and John Rochetter – The Four Seasons.  You all truly blew my mind.   I see enough theater that I often find myself looking for the subtle side stories that support the main storyline.  I love an ensemble character who can steal my attention.  However, these main guys were so darn captivating that I forgot I was even in the theater, let alone had the opportunity to absorb the rest of the show (though they were brilliant in their own right).  This does not happen to me often.

I was fortunate enough to have amazing seats, which really allowed me to see the small nuances of a grimace; a tightened jaw muscle, a sideways glance and I am in awe at how much each one of these men embodied the roles they played.

Set to the light and frivolous tunes we all know, you somewhat expect another jute-box musical like Mamma Mia!  But with dark undertones of a story about the boys from the tough neighborhoods of Jersey – it’s a splendid harmony of dark and light, contrast and balance, friendship and loyalty. The direction, choreography, staging, set, costumes, transitions and of course the acting were all simply a juxtaposition of beauty!

Add to the spectacular show an incredible night with the Utah Theater Lovers – my monthly theater group.  When I selected this show, I didn’t plan on making it a big event but it turned out to  be our biggest event to date (maybe a tie with Side Show) with nearly 40 people purchasing tickets.

In addition, 15 of us met for a wonderful dinner at Lambs Grill before the show where Broadway in Utah gifted each of those at dinner with an amazing souvenir Jersey Boys book (on top of discounted tickets). And finally, a fellow member of our group was able to give us a back stage tour after the show – AMAZING – thanks Jodi!

Thanks to all those who attended, it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun going to any of this by myself.  😉

So from start to finish the night can best be summed up by Frankie Valli himself (with 2 small edits of my own):

Oh what a night,
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me
It was everything I dreamed it’d be
Sweet surrender, what a night!


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  • I had “Oh What A Night” going through my head all day the next day. It was an unbelievable show. I could go see it again and again and again.

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