I Love this Town!

I don’t have a lot to say other than – I LOVE THIS TOWN.

In the last week, I got to see a racially charged, terribly thought provoking, and beautifully intense show up at Pioneer Theater – Clybourne Park.

From there, a light and humorous night was to be had attending the incredibly talented production of Shrek with Broadway Across America.

Then on to Eric(a) with Plan B – an amazingly beautiful story about Eric….who use to be Erica.

And the highlight of my week, and maybe my life was Utah Symphony’s Do You Hear the People Sing.  Aside from the amazing talent, the composers – Boublil and Schonberg made an appearance.  You could have placed Obama on that stage and I wouldn’t have been nearly as impressed….my hands were actually shaking.   The day I saw Les Mis – my path to becoming A Theater Lover was set in motion. These guys changed my life and to be on the 2nd row and a mere 15 feet from them was amazing…

And gosh, the talent involved in the production alone was phenomenal  (a night of Boublil and Schonberg’s music) – including Javert from the original production of Les Mis!   As much as I love the movie and the fact that it has brought my favorite musical to so many people, as I closed my eyes to listen to the live music of the Utah Symphony with these amazingly talented singers I was reminded that there is nothing as beautiful and life changing as live theater.

Next up – Assassins, a Stephen Sondheim gem that I simply can’t wait to see (not to mention it has a few of my favorite actors in it).

Next week promises, Death of a Salesman at The Grand, The Sea Horse at Westminster, Romeo and Juliet at Odyssey and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Hale with the Utah Theater Lovers group.

Did I mention – I LOVE THIS TOWN!


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