Keeping Secrets – “It’s what we do!”

For a show about secrets, Little Happy Secrets is one of the most honest stories I’ve experienced. Little moments, little sighs, little glances into a world that ebbs and flows through the heartbreak of trying to reconcile ones love for God and self with ones love for another person. Claire (Jessica Myer) and Brennan (Aubrey Read more about Keeping Secrets – “It’s what we do!”[…]

Martyrs’ Crossing Soars with Beauty!

Martyrs’ Crossing, written by playwright Melissa Leilani Larson, currently playing at The Echo Theatre in Provo is a beautiful story! Any work of art that depicts heaven as a library is bound to make an impression on the likes of this theater lover.  Well, not heaven in so much as the place “in-between” heaven and Read more about Martyrs’ Crossing Soars with Beauty![…]