July 11, 2012


Welcome Theater Lovers

“Play goers, I bid you welcome! The theater is a temple and we are here to worship the gods of comedy and tragedy. Tonight, I am pleased to announce…”  (Comedy Tonight | A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)

To quote Rent, A Theater Lover was created “for someone who longs for a community of his (her) own” – well, that person happened to be me, known in real life as Megan Gutierrez, AKA – A Theater Lover. Whether you like comedies, tragedies, musicals, dramas, satires or plays – this site is dedicated to you – my fellow play goers. Theater is meant to be shared and attended – A Theater Lover is dedicated to making this happen.

My job is simple. I buy tickets to shows and I encourage others to do the same. I’m a proud patron of the arts. Over the years, I have slowly immersed myself into the world of theater. Now, I love a small black box production of Burn This just as much as a Broadway blockbuster like Hamilton. However, through all my theater ventures I struggled to find others who liked to attend more than the occasional 1 or 2 shows a year. I knew there had to be more of us out there.

Thus, A Theater Lover was born. From Utah (where I live_ to London, I’m here to connect you to the stage and others like us – the audience members.  I am here to create a community of our own!


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