At this time, A Theater Lover is not Reviewing any productions.  My main focus is building the Utah Theater Lovers group and sharing this great art with others in this community.

However, here you find my old reviews, interviews, and columns! As a proud member of the  prestigious American Theater Critics Association,  I reviewed for several organizations in the area including my own site.

In addition, I had a column with Broadway World where I had the amazing opportunity to write reviews and interview those involved with theater in our area. (I may occasionally do a post here as time goes on.)

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And just for fun:

Top Ten of All Time (okay 12)


A Unique Approach to THE SEA HORSE Promises a Unique Evening
"We have probably all felt broken and unlovable at some point, just as these characters have, but this show offers a message of hope that we can all take to heart" remarks Carlie Young, who plays Gertrude in Westminster College's production of The Sea Horse opening tomorrow (3/7/13). Read More!
Who Am I?
Three years ago this month I launched A Theater Lover.   To loosely quote Rent I “longed for a community of my own!” I’ve found that community!  I’ve found you!  The last several shows I've attended, I was able to experience, talk to, and enjoy the productions with people I’ve met through A Theater Lover.   Daily, I get to talk about theater on Facebook and you talk back! We have conversations and we forge new friendships.   Read More!
I don’t have a lot to say other than – I LOVE THIS TOWN. Read More!
'Adultery and Steamy Romantic Subplots' at the University of Utah!
"Adultery, steamy romantic subplots, a great universal sadness in a time of revolution, what's not to love?" Was the answer I got when I asked actor Cody Thompson (Miron) why one should see The Eccentrics opening today (Thursday, February 21st) at the University of Utah. I have to admit, I was certainly intrigued. Read More!
Keeping Secrets – “It’s what we do!”
For a show about secrets, Little Happy Secrets is one of the most honest stories I’ve experienced. Little moments, little sighs, little glances into a world that ebbs and flows through the heartbreak of trying to reconcile ones love for God and self with ones love for another person.  Read More!
Being Naughty is So Much Fun at the University of Utah!
In the upper echelons of high French society, one might expect certain decorum to be present. Which is exactly what you get, a show so busy skirting around sexual innuendos and double entendres with class and respectability that the juxtaposition alone is enough to have the audience rolling with bouts of laughter. Read More!
The Time is Now, The Day is Here....
I have seen the stage production of Les Miserables dozens of times and even the most amateur casts leave my “heart full of love.”  From the young age of 13, when my parents first took me to the show to this day, I have “dreamed a dream” of seeing it on the silver screen.  Now finally, “The time is now, the day is here…”  Read More!
Utah Theater Community Mourns a Friend
I recently had the opportunity to chat with actor and producer David Fetzer about his career and love of acting. Sadly, the interview was not posted before his untimely passing. As an honor to him, I would like to share his interview now.  Read More!
Martyrs’ Crossing Soars with Beauty!
Martyrs’ Crossing, written by playwright Melissa Leilani Larson, currently playing at The Echo theatre in Provo is a beautiful story! Any work of art that depicts heaven as a library is bound to make an impression on the likes of this theater lover.  Well, not heaven in so much as the place “in-between” heaven and earth where spirits who have been called to earthly missions reside. Read More!
Hats Off to Westminster College's NOISES OFF!
A hysterical ride, Noises Off propels us into a world of absolute chaos and out-of-control laughter. In typical farce fashion, this show's quickened pace will leave you exhausted at the end of the night. Noises Offis crowd favorite with its many mix-ups and mayhem. While all fun and games for the audience, the show is an incredibly complex and difficult one to stage!  Read More!
LION IN WINTER is Sure to Impress!
If you haven't been to a production with Pinnacle Acting Company, you are missing one of the best acts in town! The Lion in Winter promises to live up to the excellent reputation this theater company has made for itself. Read More!
Local Legend, Director Christopher Clark
With a Masters of Fine Arts in Directing Shakespeare from the University of Exeter in England it’s no wonder that Department Chair of the Theatre Department at Utah Valley University, Christopher Clarkmakes the annual trek to London to see Shakespeare preformed at the Globe. What's amazing is that he brings along his students. I must admit this made me consider going back to school. Read More!
University of Utah Tackles 'TIS A PITY SHE'S A WHORE
“The University of Utah's Production of 'Tis Pity She's a Whoreis quite different from any theatre you would expect to see in the area. The story itself is a story not often told-it's like Romeo and Juliet but with incest.” Says actor Justin Tsatsa who plays the lead role of Giovanni.  Read More!
University of Utah's SWEENEY TODD Chills and Thrills!
A musical theater frolic down the dark streets of London?  A theatrical journey mired in blood and insanity? A serial killer belting a song on stage?   No matter how you look at it, a musical about a guy slitting throats should not work.  Yet, leave it to brilliant mastermind Stephen Sondheim to create a piece of genius that not only works but disturbs and dazzles the imagination. Read More!

Why spend money on a show you haven’t heard of?
It’s risky spending money on a production you know nothing about. Why spend your hard earned cash and time on something you’ve never heard of when there are plenty of tried and true productions playing around the corner? Read More!
Salt Lake Acting Company's BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON Radiates Energy
Was Andrew Jackson one of the greatest presidents in American history because he nearly doubled the size of our nation, paid off the entire national debt and created what is now known as the Democratic Party? Or was he a ruthless leader responsible for the Indian Removal, which consisted of ethnic cleansing and the relocation of more than 45,000 American Indians?  Read More!
STUDENT CENTER: Westminster College Finds The Divine
“The heart of THE DIVINERS is found in simple, honest moments. Simple honesty is tough to put on a stage, but we as a cast have been fighting as hard as we can for exactly that, and through it, have found something extraordinary. This production is something special.” Says actor Paul Burgess about the current production of THE DIVINERS running at Westminster College through October 27th.  Read More!
Who Are You?  May Not be the Only Question You Ask...
If you’ve ever thought “I don’t even recognize myself” when you’ve looked in the mirror, then you might just get this show. I say might, because even now, I’m not sure I do. In an absurd and abstract dark comedy, Director and Playwright Jared Greathouse brings us Who Are You? a show that is more about the who than the what or how. Greathouse takes us into a somewhat Twilight Zone/Groundhog Day/Psycho world where being completely lost is pretty much expected.  Read More!
Student Center: University of Utah Takes on Being Gay in High School
“The most difficult part about being in this production” says actor Michael Brown has “been the response that I’ve had from some friends and family….I wasn’t expecting the anger that I was confronted with. To be clear this anger wasn't coming from the fact that my character (Russel) was gay but rather that I was playing a gay character.” Read More!
U of U's Latest Production is Ripped From the Headlines
“Student Commits Suicide After Shooting Spree Kills 16 Classmates.” If you saw this headline in tomorrow’s newspaper, you’d likely experience several emotions; sadness, anger, frustration, horror and maybe even hatred towards the shooter. We are not strangers to these headlines and we are often left asking ourselves, “Why?” Read More!
Centerpoint Legacy Theater’s Little Women has Heart
Little Women is the story of four sisters struggling through life while dreaming, fighting, falling in love and crying. Centerpoint Legacy’s production of Little Women is charming and strong. Read More!
Avenue Q is Sesame Street for Big Kids
From notable songs such as “The Internet Is for Porn” and “If You Were Gay,” Avenue Q playing at Wasatch Theatre Company through September 22nd is purely for the big kids’ entertainment. Despite the Sesame Street reminiscent puppets this wonderful show is all about what it’s like to really be a grown up and is absolutely not for the young ones. Read More!
BLOCK 8, DI ESPERIENZA and MESA VERDE Playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett Talks with BroadwayWorld!
Imagine standing on a busy street corner in Chicago, a crossroads if you will. Your own unhappiness and claustrophobia mingles with an edge of exhaust and people in masses. Imagine thinking “This is the desert. There is nothing here for me." Read More!
Local Actor Lauren Noll Sets Her Sights on New York
Theater is important, Lauren Noll explained, because it’s the “only medium that we have that creates a shared experience for everyone in that room at that time. There is a bond created there that can’t be created anywhere else. It can be a force for social change. If you want to say something important, you have a unique opportunity to do so." Read More!
THE ODD COUPLE Delivers Laughs
PARK CITY — Felix, who “wears his seat belt in the drive-in movie,” is so uptight that even his hair is clenched and is a self proclaimed “neurotic nut.” Oscar gambles, burns cigar holes in the furniture, drinks like a fish and lies every chance he gets.  When these two friends find themselves wifeless (because of their outlandish behaviors), the one thing they end up having in common is their living arrangement—together.  Read More!
Growing Up Can Be Hard To Do!
Riddled with mean girls, rumors, first kisses (with tongue) and popularity contests - 13 does a great job getting inside the head of a 13 year old while gently reminding us adults what it was like to be "standing on the edge" of growing up.  13 is a light hearted yet insightful look at these formative years that shape so much of who we become as adults. Read More
Run Wild with Centerpoint’s SEE HOW THEY RUN!
When Clive Winton (Brandon Garside) remarks “I’ve played in too many plays where the characters do this sort of thing and something always goes wrong.” He couldn’t possibly have known the disaster that was about to ensue. Of all the types of comedies you might find on stage, the farce is my favorite. Read More
The Ultimate Fairy-tale Mash-up
What happens when real life crashes into the storybook lives of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood? In the ultimate fairytale mash-up we learn what comes after “Happily Ever After” because in reality, life usually doesn’t have such a simple ending. Read More
26 theater events in 72 hours… In a mere three days, you have the opportunity to attend 6 shows, 6 literary seminars, 6 pre-show discussions, 3 Green Shows, a Curtain Call (lunch with the actors) lunch, a costume seminar, an actor seminar, a backstage tour and a cabaret event. Read More
BWW Interviews: Utah’s Own Thayne Jasperson Makes Broadway Debut in NEWSIES
Thayne Jasperson told me over the phone as he walked through the streets of New York City that his only regret was not moving to the Big Apple sooner. More